Hi, I am Amit Barala

I love to share through my blogs, what I’ve learned. Primarily, I write about Finance, Business & Marketing. Started back in 2016, since built & sold several blogs/sites. Currently, working on a small portfolio.


HuntBiz.com was started back in 2017 as a business directory for India. Since, it has grown many folds. It also has a dedicated blog section to share marketing & business growth guides.


iShareMarket.com (formerly NiftyOutlook.com) is dedicated to investing in Indian Share Market. Coverage includes guides, broker reviews, IPO reviews & news coverage.


EMIcalculator.org is an easy to use financial planning tool that helps to manage & plan one’s loan EMIs. Also, sharing blogs helping individuals to manage personal finance.


DigitBy.com is built out of the AmitBarala.com’s tech section. Publishing technology guides, product reviews, buying guides and how-to-guides, helping users to resolve issues.