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Android 11 Upgrade & Leaks – Upcoming OS Update

Android 10 has been in the market for three months now, available on a restrained number of devices, nonetheless, the android 11 will be released a few months from now. As Google, operators and brand manufacturers are still trying to stay in track with the release of Android 10, people out there are already starting to speculate the latest updates of Android 11.

The first beta version of Android 11 will be released around spring this year hence people still have ample time to familiarize themselves with the Android 10 version. It will be most effective in the google android office where the new operating devices will be shown. Google is licensed to take part in launching the increasing numbers of the beta version till September when the last firm will be officialized.

Apart from the Google Pixel smartphones, other selected devices will also be part of testing the beta version application to ensure the latest model is well enhanced. 

Android 11 Leaked Features

Android 11 will have new features that are not available in the Android 10.  You may need to integrate to the very latest model of the software to be able to differentiate and know the new branded features in the Android 11 version. In the current months, we are at, there are ways that can enable us concept earlier than the Google’s new Android update.

1. Extended screenshots

Android 11 will enable us to capture extended screenshots with no need of having to rely on the third parties’ application. This case has already been confirmed by Dave Burke on of the Google team engineers. This feature is available in some handsets though not many in the market but Android 11 will for sure make it native.

2. Large Scoped Storage

This characteristic is part of Android 10 and hence Google got determined and decided to take it at a little higher notch and did put it in a standby mode.  This feature enables the gadget to optimize its speed memory, analyzing and setting privacy. This means that after creating a second folder to the files committed to the app. The can overwrite and carry out any report without the user having any control to supply the permission. It is good to know that this feature is not on hand to other outside apps but it is only compatible with the app concerned.

3. Bluetooth and Airplane modes

One of the new characteristics in the Android 11 may be Bluetooth related that will remove automatic deactivation of the airplane mode. This will be most useful to people who are traveling by plane as they can use Bluetooth to concentrate on a song.

4. Android Beam Alternative

The Android beam allows the transfer of documents from one gadget to the other using the NFC. Though it is not a common feature amongst the customers, its improvements when implemented will be of much help to both the manufactures and the customers. Google needs to provide efficient opportunities and with no doubt, the Android 11 will be one of the greatest smartphone version to ever exist in the android market.

Bottom Line

Android 11 is coming with great features and we’ll keep updating on the latest updates on OS.

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