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The List of Best Google Chrome Flags to Enable for Better Browsing

Google hides its features before release behind the “Flags” – known as Google Chrome Flags. You can enable these Chrome Flags to get an enhanced browsing experience. Here is the list of best Chrome Flags to enable enhanced browsing on your browser.

What are Google Chrome Flags?

Chrome Flags are the set of experimental features that are made available for use before their official release.

We all know the Google Chrome Browser is a widely used browser. That is why its developers are continuously developing it further to make it more user-friendly and advance. To do so they have to release some beta features that can be accessed via enabling Flags before the final release.

These flags experimented on the Chrome earlier versions. Even today some of these flags may work irrespective of the version of your browser.

How to Enable Google Chrome Flags?

As we know that the Chrome Flags are a set of experimental features that is why they may be buggy or even may crash your browser after Enabling the Flags. So, before learning the How to enable chrome flags on your browser you should be aware of if your browser crashes after changing the setting, how to restore it.

Google showing a clear warning about the crashing browser after enabling the chrome flags. Here you can reset all the setting in-case of a crash by running the following in address bar – chrome://settings/reset.

Here is how you can enable the Chrome Flags on your browser:

#1. Type “chrome://flags” or “about://flags” in Omnibar/SearchBar.

Google Chrome Flags on Screenshot

#2. Once Chrome Flags are open, you’ll see a long list of Chrome Flags (as shown in the image below) along with the option to Enable or Disable the flag.

List of the Google Chrome Flags with the option to enable or disable

#3. Find your desired Google Chrome Flag to Enable or Disable.

#4. When you select the Enable or Disable the Flag, that browser will be re-launched to effect the changes.

#5. If you find that after enabling the Flag in Chrome your browser is not running smoothly than you can reset the Flag Setting by hitting the Reset All button on the top right corner of the screen (as shown in the below image).

Google Chrome Flags setting reset after browser crash

List of Best Google Chrome Flags

Here is the list of best Chrome flags to enable:

  1. Zero-Copy Rasterization
  2. Show Autofill predictions
  3. Pull to Refresh on PC
  4. Tab freeze and discard
  5. Parallel downloading
  6. Enable QUIC
  7. Override software rendering list
  8. Lazy image loading
  9. Full URL display

Bottom Line

Here I’ve discussed the best chrome flags than can be enabled to enhance the browsing experience. You can also get the procedure to enable the Google Chrome Flags along with resetting all the settings.

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