How to Make Money on YouTube in 2020

Do you own a YouTube channel and want to know how to make money with YouTube?

More and more YouTubers wish to earn money on YouTube, like Norman, Squeezie, or Cyprien. Web personalities who started as strangers and made thousands of dollars today.

In this article, we are going to show you all of the steps you can take to earn money on YouTube.

Whether you want to do affiliate, sell your training, or make money with YouTube advertising, we will show you everything.

What is a YouTuber?

Before embarking on this journey, it is important to define what it means to be YouTuber.

First, you don’t have to be a successful channel to be YouTuber. In reality, from the moment you produce video content on the platform, you are considered to be YouTuber. And this, whatever the content offered such as promoting your brand, testing products, tackling everyday subjects, training, music, video games, etc. The topics are vast to find what you like and what interests people. Only the simple act of broadcasting videos on YouTube makes you a YouTuber.

The difference between famous YouTubers and others is the number of subscribers, their engagement, and the power of influence of these people.

If being YouTuber seems relatively simple, it is actually a whole apartment job. Which requires quality material and a lot of work to produce content and edit it.

Understand YouTube and How it Works

YouTube is a platform for uploading videos, accessible to all. YouTube is a start-up founded in 2005 and bought by Google in 2006.

Today, 1.5 billion Internet users regularly consult YouTube. They spend an average of 1 hour per day on the platform, which makes YouTube a more than gigantic potential market, in which it is possible to succeed or to drown …

Over 600 hours of video are uploaded every minute to the YouTube platform. The platform is still experiencing exponential growth.

How to Make Money with YouTube

Let’s go. Here are the steps to earn money on YouTube:

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

To monetize a YouTube channel and collect revenue, you must first join the YouTube Partner Program. When your channel is approved for monetization, you will be able to earn money. In particular with the dissemination of your content and the advertising of advertisers on your videos.

YouTubers and content creators generate most of their income from display ads either overlay or directly in their video.

2. Advertising on YouTube

As we have just seen, advertising is the element that allows YouTubers to earn money with their videos very easily. You should know that for each view of a video, it brings in around 0.01 $. It may seem very little at first, but taking into account the colossal number of users on YouTube then it becomes very interesting.

For example, for 1 million views per month, you can largely earn $ 1,000. This is only an example and we will see a little further than it is possible to generate good income even with a small number of subscribers. As well as the question of salary in relation to the number of subscribers and views.

If you are an influencer, you can make money on YouTube in two ways. The advertisement broadcast by YouTube and advertisers. But also by carrying out the product or service test on behalf of companies. This can be very interesting since these are generally fairly well-known companies that will call on you. And who will offer you one of their products (smartphone, cosmetics, food, etc.) in exchange for talking about this product to your audience, plus compensation?

Partnerships with companies can be established when your channel deals with a theme related to the business sector of the company. It becomes interesting for the company to reach your subscribers if they belong to the target audience of the latter.

Therefore, it is not possible to quantify the revenues exactly. Indeed, everything will depend on the agreement between you and the company. The important thing is to stay in step with the interest of your subscribers without disturbing them with too intrusive product placement. For example, if you are doing a tutorial on how to make up for an event, you can talk about the product you used for the tutorial.

Finally, be aware that to cope with the growing number of YouTubers, Google has tightened its conditions regarding YouTube revenues. That is to say, it takes at least 4,000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers on your channel to be eligible for monetization of your channel.

3. Sponsored Content

With lots of subscribers and views, you can monetize your visibility. It is on this system that the business model of most influencers is based.

Brands contact you to talk about their products, in exchange, you are paid.

The price will depend on your sector of activity and your influence.

4. Affiliation

What if you take advantage of your videos to sell products or services you love?

With affiliation, you encourage users to discover something new. You are paid for each sale sent.

Here, it is not the company that contacts you, but it is you who select the products to sell.

Our advice to Opt for goods or services that you master, on which you can produce quality content, to encourage sales.

5. Link Placement

Some Youtubers include sponsored links in their videos.

For example, if you make a comparative video on tablets, a multimedia brand could be interested in placing a link on it for a fixed period.

Of course, to get an attractive remuneration with this means, you must have thousands of views on your videos. The more popular a video, the higher the cost of a link placement.

6. The Sale of Your Services

Do you have specific expertise? By turning your videos around this theme, you can increase your visibility with a qualified audience.

Place call-to-action to encourage users to contact you if they need your advice. You can sell your own training or consulting service.

YouTube Tools to Monetize Your Channel

Besides advertising, YouTube now offers a lot of additional tools to generate income with videos.

Great stickers

This is a feature that allows fans to purchase an animated sticker during live videos and premieres. A simple way for your subscribers to show you how much they love you. This feature is available in Chat.

Super Chats

In the same idea as the super stickers, the super chat allows spectators to buy messages that stand out from others in the chat of a live video. Your subscribers, therefore, pay to have their message highlighted, stay at the top of the feed longer, and therefore hope to attract your attention. To activate the super chat this is where it happens. During a live broadcast, your subscribers can leave comments via Super Chat.

If they want their comment to be visible and pinned to the top of the discussion, they can pay. The money received is for you!

Subscription levels

YouTube added the subscription levels feature, which allows YouTubers to set 5 channel membership price levels . On the fan side, they can now pay a monthly fee to unlock exclusive content based on the offer chosen. Like badges, emojis, access to live videos, etc.

Premium content

More and more users always want more and preferably without ads while continuing to support creators. To this end, the YouTube Premium subscription has been set up. It also allows:

  • Downloading videos for offline viewing.
  • Removing ads from videos

YouTube Money Making Tips

Here are some money making tips on YouTube:

Master Your Metadata

In order to make money on YouTube, it is important to know how to generate YouTube views and attract subscribers. And so, you need to learn how to use and optimize information like:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Miniature, etc

A subject on which I will not dwell because this is not the purpose of this article. That said, I advise you to read the complete guide to increase your views on YouTube.

Provide Quality Content

Contrary to what you might think, the first thing to do is not define who is targeting your videos. Simply because there will be a gap between the people you think you are targeting and the viewers who are actually watching your videos. That is why it is better to focus on content quality.

Besides, it is very important to define a precise or even a specific subject. This is called a marketing niche. The niches allow you to demonstrate your expertise in this area and target an engaged audience .

The bottom line is that people are tired of always seeing the same thing. So, we avoid making videos to the Grumpy Cat or on video games in general for example. It is already seen and reviewed. The best thing is to specialize in a specific game.

By creating original and unique content, you will stand out from the competition and increase your chances of being able to earn money with your YouTube channel. Remember that innovation is the key to success throughout your YouTuber career.

How Much does a YouTuber Earn?

That’s the question you’ve been asking yourself from the start “How much you can Make on YouTube”?

The Social Blade site specializing in compensation for YouTubers does not hesitate to show salary assumptions for known YouTubers.

According to YouTube, every 1,000 views of a video generates around $1. On the other hand, these are only estimates, because the algorithm of YouTube evolves and the salary of YouTubers is relatively variable.

However, your viewers must click on an advertisement or have watched the advertisement for 30 seconds. Therefore if you have 3 million subscribers and half of them have an adblocker you will necessarily receive less than expected.

Also, pay attention to the myth related to YouTubers. Making videos does not mean that you will become famous and rich overnight.

On the other hand, it is possible to have a small YouTube channel composed of 2,000 subscribers which still generates $1,000 per month. Provided you are part of a niche sector where your fans are engaged and ready to follow you regularly.

The goal of the niche sector is to offer content that nobody or few people offer. The value of your information is then much greater and attracts Internet users with a particular intention. This means that the weaker the competition, the more YouTube traffic will be redirected to you. So more subscribers and the opportunity to earn money with YouTube.

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