MacBook Pro 13.1 Inch 2020 – Price, Specs, Features, Leaks & Release Date

In the next month, Apple is all ready to launch the new 13.1 inch Macbook Pro. The next MacBook will be under the intel processor. According to the leaks that we are getting, it will consist of a 10th Gen ice lake processor, i7-1068NG7.

As compared to the previous one, the upcoming MacBook Pro will work all 12 percent faster than the previous one and also consist of 30 percent better graphics.

What is ICE Lake All for the MacBook Pro?

Whether it is the ice lake processor or the comet lake processor, it all has to be decided. A small CPU boost, but an increase in the quality of graphics is all provided by the Ice lake processor. At the same point, the Comet lake processor provides a high computing performance as compared to the Ice lake processor. The ice lake chips are all used by Apple. It gives more importance to the graphics as compared to computing. It is the major reason games are not supported in the macOS.

We can all say that according to the rumors that are all coming to the Core i7-1068NG7 is a different model coming up as compared to the Core i7-1068G7. The chips used in the premium 13-inch laptop are all similar to this one. 

MacBook Pro 13 Inch Specification

According To the rumors we are getting for the Macbook pro, it is all expected to have 32GB of ram and an SSD of 2 TB. It can be possible that the Macbook pro that is all coming in 2020 will be the best Macbook ever.

MacBook Pro 13 Inch Price

According to the present scenario, the 13- inch Macbook pro is all starting with 93,048 INR. This Macbook all consists of 8th generation intel core i5 with RAM of 8 GB and SSD of 128 GB. If we see for the 16- inch Macbook, it will cost around 1,71,960 INR, which all consists of the AMD Radeon 5300M GPU, SSD of 512 GB, and Core i7 CPU. 

All Changes in New MacBook Pro 13 Inch

In the last year, Apple just came into the use of intel 9th gen and just updated the Macbook Pro to the model, which consists of 16 inch model and also the butterfly keyboard.

The fans of the apple company were all saying for the updated keyboard. And now the company is very serious about the keyboard and company reviews.

Many rumors were all coming that the apple new model is all lagging in the performance. But another rumor came that it is all using the 10th Gen ice lake processor. This was a great thing for Apple fans.

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