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Microsoft Designed It’s New Window 10 Icon

Microsoft designed a new Icon for its latest Windows 10 update that contains more deep shadows and details.

We all know from the previous updates and news that Microsoft’s software maker has been planning for the icon renovate. This all the software makers started with the new office icon of the company. It was all a start. Now the Microsoft is all renovating the icons of the company. They have all renovated more than 100 icons with all new things that the new color icon, the new finishing, and many more.

As we all know, the windows ten all consists of devices that are million in the number. They are present in the schools, in the colleges, in the office, in our home and where not.

We all see the icons as a Wayfinder as our brain processes the information of the icon and interprets it. That is why it is needed to make the ions simple. Beautiful and the most important is as a Wayfinder.

Voice recorder, Alarms, and clock, Movies and tv, Calculator, Mail, and groove music were the first to be renovated. The refreshed icons will all lead to a fresh look. 

The old icons were all introduced in the windows 8. They consist of more depth, more shadow, and very colorful. The new ions that are launched all look much better, much renovated.

The modern design language which Microsoft follows earlier. Their old icons were very much robotic and sharp. But now Microsoft is all following the Fluent design. So it was also time for Microsoft to bring new changes to the icons.

To just monetize the software of Microsoft was essential under the Fluent design set of principles. Jon Friedman, the vice president of design and research, said that they are all facing two major problems. He said that they all need to develop a flexible and open design system to span a range of contexts. It should all be done with being true to Microsoft. He also said that they all need to renovate and change while being true to the customers.

In a majority of the icon, there are not too many renovations. It is all like that when you will look at many of the icons at a single time, and they will all look sophisticated and good in appearance. Microsoft is trying it’s best to remove all of its icon problems.

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