Nifty Trend Today | Support and Resistance for Today

I welcome all Nifty Traders here. If you are looking for Nifty Trend or Nifty Trend Today than you are in the right place. On this page, you will find Nifty Trend, Nifty Levels, Global Financial Events which can affect Nifty Trend, Pivot point, and more useful Trading Points. This page will help you to find a good and profitable trade.

Nifty Trend Today

Nifty 50 Trend Chart

Nifty 50 Live Price

Last Updated1 second ago
Current Price₹ 15,130.85
Open₹ 15,079.85
Hight₹ 15,170.85
Low₹ 15,065.35
Close₹ 14,982.00
Change %0.99
Change ₹₹ 148.85

Nifty Trend

Nifty Index closed at X on the Positive side gaining X points on the last trading day of the last week. As we have seen that last trading day Nifty managed to touch day’s high at X after opening at X.

The trend for Nifty Today is positive for the day (2020) because the index has seen continuously bullish candles after touching the 50 DMA on, 2020. Where strong resistance for the day is lying at X levels and support for the day is lying at the X levels.

As data, available on the EOD Chart index open positive. So, Nifty Trend for Today is positive.

  • If Nifty manages to stay above current levels for the first 1-1.5 hours then we may see a 60 – 100 points move towards X.
  • If Nifty breaches the current levels then we can see a negative Nifty Trend and some new low levels up to from X.

Nifty for Today

We can see the positive in Nifty Trend on 2020.

Nifty for Week

Nifty view for the week is coming with positive data. The index showed strong Bullish Candle on the last two trading days the week which indicates that Nifty may further move up to the highest levels ever. Nifty Outlook for the week is X on the negative side and X on the positive side. Resistance for the week is coming at X levels that are lying at last week’s high.

Nifty Support and Resistance

The Nifty Support and Resistance for the day are mentioned below:

These points will act as Nifty Support and Nifty Resistance levels for today.

Nifty 50 Pivot Point

Click Here For Pivot Point Calculator

What is Nifty Trend?

Nifty Trend Today is the direction of Index, the direction may be in a positive or a negative side. Here, I publish Nifty Trend, Support, Resistance and Pivot Point for online Option and Future Traders using Technical Analysis Chart. These pieces of information are only for study purposes.

Online Stock Traders can use this data for Stock Market Trend prediction. You are here on this page to know about Nifty Trend for Today, I assume that you are aware of Day Trading or Intraday Trading. If you are not, that here is a simple definition of Day Trading – “Buying and selling the same quantity of financial instruments like stocks/shares, Future or Option contract, Commodities, Forex on the same trading day is called Day trading or Intraday Trading”.

How to use Nifty Trend Today data?

On this page, few sections are published like Nifty Trend, Nifty Support and Resistance, Pivot Point, Nifty Trend Today and News. Traders can use these sections to know about upcoming important global financial events, which can affect Nifty Trend. Specially Intra-Day traders and Positional traders use these upcoming important events to make their trading strategies. For example – Before Election, RBI Policy or any important financial event we see a rally on either side on Nifty Index.

So, if you are aware of these event dates before the events then you can make profitable trades.