Putlocker 2020 – Alternatives, Mirror & Proxy Sites to Watch Free Movies

PutLocker website was founded in the UK to host media files like movies for free online streaming. Putlocker sites and proxies illegally host media contents that are always subject to criticisms and shut down by the relevant authorities. The Putlockers site operates under various URLs and keeps changing them frequently to escape from legal actions.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker or Putlockers is an illegal media or torrent hosting site that allows its users to download and stream movies & watch free TV shows online. Initially, the Putlocker website was started in the UK and now it operates in so many other countries.

Why does Putlocker Changes its Website URLs Frequently?

When Megaupload was taken down for copyright infringement, Putlocker site traffic surged, reaching over 1.6 million visitors a day. However, the owners of Putlocker began to worry as the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit of the UK started to close in on them. So, they changed the website’s URL from putlocker.com to putlocker.bz. Nevertheless, the new domain was seized by the but this did not stop them from migrating their site to another URL; Putlocker.is, a domain located in Iceland.

  • Hotstar
  • Zee5
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Netflix
  • Mx Player
  • Flixster
  • IMDB
  • HDO
  • Popcornflix
  • Hulu
  • Tubi TV
  • Sony Liv
  • Crackle

Putlocker Proxy and Mirror Sites URLs

  • putlocker.in
  • putlocker.com
  • Putlockertv.to
  • Putlockers.mn
  • Putlockersfm.com
  • putlocker.to
  • putlocker.mix
  • Putlockers.fm
  • Putlockerz.io
  • putlocker.site
  • putlocker.ss
  • Putlockers.net
  • Putlockerr.is
  • Putlockers.sc
  • Putlockerfree.net
  • Putlockers.am
  • Putlockers.tf
  • Putlocker9.as
  • Putlocker.fyi
  • Putlockertv.to

Over the years, Putlocker site has been switched to several domains, while trying to evade shutdown and criminal prosecution by law enforcement, especially from the UK and US. Today, there are a number of Putlocker alternatives, mirrors and proxy sites all over the internet which are described in this article.

Best PutLocker Alternative Sites 2020

Here is the list of sites like Putlocker that can be the Best Putlocker Alternatives.

  1. Socshare Movies
  2. 1337x
  3. Megashare
  4. SolarMovie
  5. 123 Movies
  6. Rainierland
  7. FMovies
  8. PopcornFlix
  9. Popcorn Time
  10. Gomovies
  11. MovieWatcher
  12. Los Movies
  13. C Movies
  14. Movie4U
  15. Mooline
  16. 5Movies
  17. Watch TV Series.io
  18. Snagfilms
  19. Tub TV
  20. Soap2Day
  21. Movies Joy

Socshare Movies

Socshare Movies is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker. It allows users to stream and download movies and TV shows for free. Socshare has a rich catalog of thousands of movies and TV series. New movies or TV shows are always added and updated on a frequent basis.

The movies on Socshare sites are in the resolutions of 480p to 720p. Users can browse for movies/ tv series based on genres that range from comedy to action. Due to copyright infringement issues, Socshare has often switched domains on regular occasions. However, many of its domains have always been shut down by DMCA.

Google search also de-ranks Socshare sites and doesn’t index them as priority search results.  If you’re a fan of watching free movies, it could be one of the best alternatives to Putlocker; as it has a diverse pool of media contents from American action genres to Korean tv drama. 


1337x is actually a torrent site but also serves as one of the Putlocker alternatives. The website 1337x is so popular among the torrent community users. It hosts files for torrent downloads and every day, millions of users flock on this site to get free movies, software, or other files. 1337x has always been subject to criticisms from the copyright protection economy and for this reason, it regularly switches to different domains in order to protect itself from total shut down by Law enforcement.

It has a number of proxies and mirror sites which it uses to maintain a consistent up-time even in the wake of any shutdown. For users to download movies on 1337x, you will need to have a torrent downloader software, most notably BitTorrent or uTorrent. These torrent downloaders use a peer-to-peer network architecture where users have to share bandwidth to be able to download files. 


Megashare is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker sites. The homepage of the site has a slider on the top section, which displays some of the best movies available on the website. The movies on Megashare are categorized based on genres, country, years, top IMDb ratings, and alphabetical order. The website also has a featured section that lists some of the available movies on the site.

The Latest Movie section lists some of the newest movies on the website.  And the latest TV series section lists some of the latest TV shows added on the site. Furthermore, the movies and the TV series on the platform are offered in different resolutions of SD to HD quality, which is tagged on the thumbnails.  The downloading feature is also available for the users. 


SolarMovie has one of the cleanest websites among Putlocker alternative sites. One of the best things about SolarMovie is that there are no ad pop-ups that are really annoying to users when they visit the site. SolarMovie offers free movies in different resolutions from SD Quality to HD quality, tagged on each movie thumbnail. Furthermore, the site lists movies based on ratings, giving the user an opportunity to make a quick decision about the best movie to watch.

Users can also download any movie they want without limitations or restrictions. If you really looking for one of the best free movie streaming sites alternative to Putlockers, then solarmovie is your place to go because it is clean, easy to browse and very organized with a rich library of movies to watch. 

123 Movies

123 Movies is one of the most popular alternatives to Putlocker. It allows users to access its rich library of impressive movies and TV shows. Brand new movies and trending TV series are constantly uploaded for viewers to watch or even download. On 123 Movies, you can find almost any movie or tv series that interests you.  One of the good things about 123 Movies is; users are not required to sign up or register to stream contents or even download them.

If you want to watch a movie, you don’t need to go through a sign-up and verification process. There are no usernames and there are no passwords. And of course, there is also no payments required, which is one defining feature that makes 123Movies such an attractive option for anyone looking to watch movies online.

However, just like other free movie streaming sites, 123 Movies could be annoying with pop-up adds. Additionally, the site keeps changing its domain names in a move to avoid shut down because of copyright infringement issues.


Rainierland has one of the huge databases of movies ranging from actions to adventures. Users are free to choose from a variety of movies available. The site also has a section of the recently added or uploaded movies. Furthermore, the site also shows the current movies in theaters.

As of present, the official Rainerland domain (www.rainierland.com) redirects users to another domain of launchFlix (https://www.lunchflix.com/).  The good thing about this site is that it relatively has limited Ad pop-ups, making it convenient for users to use.  And the bad thing about this site is the fact that it is not so welcoming for users to come back again. This is because its appearance is so cold and not enticing to users to regularly visit the site.


These days, many free movie streaming sites have grasped one key aspect and that’s how to keep users on their sites so that they continue to visit again and again. They’ve learned that some of the things which keep away website visitors are the inconveniencing and annoying pop-ups.

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Back in the days, free movie streaming sites were crowded with lots of confusing content and pop-ups which could frustrate the users at some point. But interestingly, FMovie is one of those cleanest and organized best torrent sites on the internet. The site has a darkish interface which gives an eye-friendly night mode feel to users. Fmovies has thousands of movies and TV series, organized in the categories of genre, country and alphabetical arrangement.

On the home page of the site, there is a highly visible search bar that enables users to type and search for any movie or act they want.  The movies and the TV series are rated based on the IMDb ratings. And the resolutions of movies are tagged on their thumbnails, which gives a user an ability to know the quality of content available.  The site is also relatively clean in terms of pop-ads and users rarely get inconvenienced with them.


Popcornflix is a clean and minimalist looking site with a user-friendly and attractive interface. The site has a slider that showcases some of the best movies available on the website. Popcornflix has an organized interface with each movie genre assigned to its own section.  And these sections have the slider feature, enabling the users to scroll through without any hustle. Some of the genres which Popcornflix has include, horrors, action, comedy, drama, thriller, romance, urban and TV series.

The site also has a staff pick where handpicked movies or tv series are recommended to users. Another interesting fact about the Popcornflix site is that it offers a synopsis, a short-summarized story of the movie or tv show.  The site also has an eye-friendly look with a gray background color good for online streaming 

Popcorn Time

This is a torrent streaming site and a good alternative to Putlockers. It offers the same movie streaming experience as what Netflix and Amazon’s Prime video offer. For users to access content on the Popcorn Time, you must download it on your computer. The download version starts from Windows XP onwards. However, it also has versions for other operating systems like Linux and iOS. 


Gomovies is an exact clone of 123 movies site. It shares the same look and coloring of 123 Movie site. GoMovie offers a variety of movies and tv shows. The video quality ranges from SD to HD resolutions which are tagged on the thumbnails of movies. Gomovies also categorizes movies in different genres which include action, adventure, romance, comedy, drama, thriller, mystery and many more. Users can also download movies on the site without any restrictions or limitations.

Furthermore, the site has limited pop-ups interference which could frustrate users when streaming. If you looking for one of the straight forward sites, alternative to Putlocker, then Gomovie would be a perfect choice for you to watch and download movies online for free. You can also find Best GoMovies Alternatives.


MovieWatcher is a straight forward site with a friendly and attractive user interface. The site boasts of a great library of movies that are categorized based on genres, years most popular and new movies. The site has a minimalist outlook divided into different sections, making it easy for the user to browse through. The latest movies showing in the theater are also uploaded at the top section of the site. Furthermore, the site has a rating feature that appears on every movie thumbnail. 

However, this site has lots of ad pop-ups that are really annoying to users. Almost on every click, a pop-up appears which leaves you frustrated. But always, free stuff comes with some price and it could be something you willing to endure with if you want to enjoy free movie streaming services on sites like MovieWatcher. 

Los Movies

Los Movies is another great alternative to the Putlocker site. It features several movie contents which could be of interest to users. Most of the movies on the site are in 720p and Full HD resolution quality.  The site offers various subtitle options in different languages like Swedish, alabamia and Croatia.

However, the site looks colder and unwelcoming and so users who visit for the first time are likely not to come back. The website is so congested with third-party ads and pop-ups. One more annoying feature on this site is the forced java pop-up which forces users to install a chrome extension into their browsers.  These kinds of forced pop-ups are suspicious and it is important for users to avoid clicking on them. 

C Movies 

This is one of the best free movie streaming sites and a perfect alternative to Putlocker. C Movie has an eye-friendly and attractive user interface. Movies on this website are categorized based on genre, country, TV series and IMDb ratings. The site also has featured sections, listing some of the movies available; the latest movie section lists the latest movies on the site and latest tv series section for the new tv series uploaded on the website.

Users can also make a custom request for movies that are not available or not yet uploaded on the site. Some of the annoying features of the C Movie site is being congested with too many third-party ads. And also, on every click, there is a new pop-up window that opens, taking or redirecting a user to third party contents; something that is really upsetting.


Movie4U is a free movie streaming site that has a lot of great content to watch. It has almost every movie genre ranging from action to horror movies. The movies on this site are also categorized based on alphabetic arrangement, years of release, trending and IMDb ratings. The user-interface of Movie4u is pretty straight forward with a white background and with features like the search bar, making it easier for users to find any movie they want in a short period of time.

The site offers a synopsis, giving a brief clue on what the movie is all about before the user watches it.  There is no need for signing in or registering for a user to be able to download or stream the content. Ad pop-ups don’t regularly appear as compared to some other free online movie streaming sites. 


Moonline is a clean and minimalist movie streaming site with thousands of movies and tv series to watch online. Mooline site has various movie genres like action, romance, adventure, thriller, comedy, drama, biography and many more. The movies are also categorized based on years of release.  Most of the movie contents are in the resolution of 720p and 1080p. Additionally, users can browse for movies through clicking on the particular alphabetic letter as this feature is available on the site.

Moonline site also shows the top-rated movies based on the IMDb rating system. A user can also request for a movie which is not available to be uploaded. Streaming movies on the site doesn’t require logging in or signing up. The Moonline streaming site would be a perfect alternative to Putlockers. It allows you to watch content without limitation or restriction.  


5movies has a lot of great movies and tv series. The site is faster to load and it categorizes its movies based on genre and country. Most of the movies are in 720p HD resolution quality, available in the categories of action, horror, comedy, adventure and more. There are limited pop-up ads as compared to other free movie streaming sites. Due to its vast library of contents, it attracts users to visit the site more and more because they’re assured of getting whatever they want. No signup or registering is required for users. 


This site provides only TV shows for users to stream.  Their TV shows are in the categories of action, comedy, animation and adventure. They have a massive library of TV series, giving the user varieties to choose from.  The site is also minimalistic with a simple design to explore.

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However, the site has a lot of on-click pop-ups that redirect a user to third party content. This could be annoying but one can easily deal with if you really want to watch a good series for free. Watching series on the site does not require signing up or registering. Accessing the site content is free of charge and there is no limit or restriction on what content to stream or download. The darkish blue background of the site gives it a user-friendly interface. Most of the trending and newest tv series are regularly uploaded on the site. This site would work for you if your interests are watching tv shows online or series.


Here is another Putlocker Alternative and a legal movie streaming platform that lets users watch their content for free. The site contains a library of over 5000 films. Snagfilms mostly uploads documentaries and independent films. The platform has formed various partnerships with different players to supply content on the site. Documentaries from entities like National geographic are featured on the site.  Additionally, SnagFilms added IMDb and YouTube as exhibitors of its content.  In the summer of 2010, SnagFilms announced a partnership with Comcast’s video on demand channels and Verizon FiOS TV.

In Spring 2011, SnagFilms launched a channel on Roku and became available on Boxee’s internet platform. Also, in late 2011, Snag became available on the Kindle Fire as well as many BlackBerry and Android tablets and smartphones. Their films are also available on iTunes, Amazon.com, DIRECTV and digital streaming providers VUDU, Samsung Media Hub, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

SnagFilms was also named one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the Washington, D.C., area. Gizmodo has named SnagFilms as a “Best iPad App,” OVGuide has twice named SnagFilms a Top Site, and MovieMaker Magazine named SnagFilms to its annual list of “50 Best Websites for Moviemakers.” SnagFilms, Inc. was named as one of Red Herring’s 2013 Top-100 Technology Companies in North America

Tub tv

This is also a legal free website for streaming tv shows and movies that can be used as PutLocker Alternatives. It has a massive library of more than 15000 movies and shows as of present. Because it offers free content, the number of monthly users is so enormous, reaching up to 20 million. 

Tub tv platform has a licensing partnership with content providers like Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lionsgate, and Universal Pictures. Its streaming service is ad-supported with commercials appearing multiple times during the video playback. The site is easier and secure to use. No signing in or registering is required to access the site contents. 


This is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker with various contents to watch for free.  The site is lite and easy to scroll through to find content. This website features the complete range of movies and shows, including the latest as well as the old titles and episodes. You can watch the content for free if you are okay with the frequent commercials and popups.

However, if you want an ad-free experience, you can subscribe to Soap2Day VIP. Soap2Day has a neat, clutter-free interface with easy to pick categories and genres. The site also features limited sports content.

Movies Joy

This is another nicely designed free streaming website for movies as well as TV shows and fits to be in the list of Best PutLocker Alternatives. The homepage of the website displays the popular and trending movies by default. You can quickly switch to TV Shows with a single click.

The menu bar of the website lets you filter/sort content by Genre, Country, and Movies & TV Shows. You can also lookup for the specific content using the search option. Movies Joy is free and ad-supported. Some of the popups looked suspicious. Therefore, avoid clicking any commercials.

Summary – Putlocker Alternatives

I’ve collated the list of best Putlockers alternative sites to stream movies for free. You can also find great Sites to watch TV shows to Watch Online. You can visit those Putlocker Alternatives to enjoy free content.

Putlocker – FAQs

How popular is Putlocker?

Putlocker is very Popular around the globe & once it reached to more than 1.5 million visitors a day.

What are the Movie Categories available on Putlocker?

The following categories are available on Putlocker: English movies, English TV series, Top IMDB movies, Top watched movies, Top watched TV shows, etc.

Is it legal to use Putlocker?

Putlocker is purely illegal website, hence Putlocker is illegal to use.

Why criminal charges filed against Putlockers?

The criminal charges are filed agains Putlocker is because it is hosting the copyright media illegally on their Website.

How safe is Putlocker website?

I can’t say it is 100% safe, but their main income source is advertising. So it can be considered a safe site but there are a lot of mirror and proxy sites are available that can be unsafe, you should be aware.

Which country banned the Putlocker first?

UK was the first country that banned Putlocker in May 2016 after a High Court order.

In which year Putlocker was launched?

Putlocker website was initially launched in the year of 2011, in the United Kingdom.

Disclaimer – AmitBarala.com does not verify the legality or legitimacy of any of the services or portals mentioned on this page/article. We at AmitBarala.com, solely do not promote, host or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and stringently advise our readers to avoid it because it is a punishable offense. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the Public domain for consumers/viewers.

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