Why Do We Need to Think Again About Traditional Investing?

Investing can be a crucial part of our financial strategy for the long-term future, this is why our strategy needs to be spot on. With 2020 being the year that has turned much of our lives on their heads and changed our lives in so many ways, it’s no surprise that investments have taken a hammering also.

We have seen many change the way we live much of our lives, with home-working and spending more time with our families, we are valuing that time, and it’s important to want to value our futures too. With yet another deep recession around the corner, the likelihood is that we will see our investments suffer from low-interest rates and restricted levels of economic activity. 

What Type of Alternatives are There?

Well, the traditional wisdom has been that in uncertain times many turn to physical assets, with the classic being investing in gold. But it’s not the answer many think it is, as gold does not make for a decent investment long-term.

We need to think outside of the box when it comes to investments, and we look to new methods. One relevantly recent development is Cryptocurrency, this is a prime example of a modern investment that is different from the old ones.

The difference is that although these are currencies that can be spent, they are very unlike traditional, the national currency. Firstly, they are not tied to a national bank and therefore are not subject to the same contractions when national economies suffer. You can use and spend these funds by keeping them in a Crypto wallet like Paxful Crypto wallet and spending them at many online and offline retailers. Cryptocurrency value can fluctuate, and if you are careful, you can make a decent profit.

Traditional Investing Methods we Must Keep

As much as it can be a great addition to our financial portfolio, we can’t rely on new investments such as cryptocurrency to provide for everything, there are various types of investment and financial products we can’t do without.

If we are looking to buy a house, we will still need to get a mortgage unless we have hit the big time with our investments. Also, although we can use our cryptocurrency to buy much these days, it is still not accepted in the majority of major retailers.

For this reason, we will need to balance our finances with a mixture of this and a traditional bank account. You cannot get a crypto wallet with an overdraft facility, for example.

Prudent Planning Going Forward

Variety is good, and we are lucky to have such a choice available, but we should proceed with as much planning as is possible. Balance any financial and investment decision as wisely as possible with the information at hand, and where possible, diversify your investment so that you are not reliant on any one method.

This article has been contributed on behalf of Paxful. However, the information provided herein is not and is not intended to be, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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